Dem Rep. Murphy: Cipollone Provided ‘Relevant Information’ to January 6 Probe

Representative Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that former White House counsel Pat Cipollone’s testimony to the select committee investigating the January 6 riot produced “a lot of  relevant information.”

Murphy said, “He had relevant information about what was happening in the White House, and we are really grateful he was willing to come before the committee and share that with us. There were areas he claimed privilege, but it was important for us to understand what the president’s top legal adviser thought about the activities that were happening post-election and in the run-up to January 6.”

She continued, “He claimed privilege on conversations that related to the advice he provided directly to the president or conversations with the president. But I think we still got a lot of relevant information from him, and it provides us another perspective on what was happening in the White House in those weeks running up to January 6 that were so critically important.”

She added, “I think there was a lot of information that fit into this bigger puzzle that we’re putting together. And we have different voices telling about the same meeting and more or less telling the same narrative.”

Murphy concluded, “The overall message that we have been gathering out of all of these witnesses is that the president knew he had lost the election, or that his advisers had told him he had lost the election, and that he was casting about for ways in which he could retain power and remain the president.”

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