Tim Ryan: ‘I Don’t Think the Inflation Is Really an Issue’ That Should Stop Climate Legislation

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) said he doesn’t think “inflation is really an issue when it comes to investing into the jobs of the future” through climate legislation.

Host Abby Phillip asked, “Sen. Manchin cited inflation largely as the reason why he thought that Democrats need to hold off on this for now. Do you buy that as a reason to maybe go slowly on legislation like this? And also, I mean, you talked about inflation in this Senate race, you know how big of a concern that it is for voters.”

Ryan responded, “People are getting crushed. I mean there is no question, there’s no denying how difficult these past few months have been for working-class people all over this country. The gas prices, the food prices, the supply chain lockup, the whole nine yards, it’s been brutal. That’s why I’ve been calling for a tax cut. I think if we want to do one thing in this Congress right here in this Capitol in the next day or two or week, it’s to pass a significant working-class tax cut for workers and small businesses to absorb the shock. We’re seeing gas prices start to come down, eventually, the supply chains will get unlocked, but right now, we need a tax cut. I don’t think the inflation is really an issue when it comes to investing into the jobs of the future.”

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