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Viv Forbes: Climate Science Is NOT Settled

First there was Brexit, now there’s Clexit – or “Climate Exit”. The Clexit Coalition represents a growing movement that wants to lead, as they call it, “The Great Climate Escape”. Their goal: to tear up all harmful, costly and unscientific climate treaties.

Tony Abbott

Ex-Aussie PM Tony Abbott: ‘Islam Needs A Reformation’

Islam promotes a “culture” that “thinks you can kill in the name of God” and is in need of a reformation, according to former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He also believes Western Civilisation should have more confidence in its innate

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UN: El Niño’s Gonna Rock

The El Niño currently forming in the Pacific Ocean could potentially be the strongest weather pattern of its kind since 1950, the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO) predicted Tuesday.

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El Niño: Insurers Prepare for Flood Damage Losses

With temperatures dropping into the high teens, and about 7 inches of snow falling for the next three days, Mammoth Mountain is on track to get its most snow since December 2014. The unseasonal snowfall in the Sierras will not break the drought, but the National Climate Prediction Center’s decision to raise the probability of El Niño to 90 percent has insurance companies scrambling to model losses they expect to suffer from El Niño flood damage.


2015 Hurricane Season Limited by El Niño

The highly respected Colorado State University forecast for the coming season looks for only 7 named tropical storms and only 3 hurricanes, about 40% less than average. Coupled with the expectations of global cooler weather and more precipitation from El Niño, climate change “scientific experts” may need to develop more new models.

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Drought-Busting Scientists Sail into Oncoming Storm

After a record-breaking rainless January in San Francisco and much of the Bay Area, an “atmospheric river” will bring a rainstorm to the region this weekend–and one team of scientists will ride into the storm to study the phenomenon and its potential impact on California’s devastating three-year drought.