Stacey Abrams Brian Kemp Is a ‘Trump Conservative’

Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said Thursday on CNN’s “OutFront ” dismissed any effort by her opponent Gov. Brian Kemp (R), to separate himself from former President Donald Trump.

Abrams said, “You can tell from his hard-right policies from banning abortion to opposing marriage equality, to the voter suppression laws that he signed after January 6. Brian Kemp up and down the board is a Trump conservative.”

She continued, “Brian Kemp is a dangerous extremist who has tried to hide himself behind one good action, and he has distracted the rest of us or certainly distracted most of America from looking at his actual record. He is trying to play both moderate and MAGA, but he is just extreme. He wants credit for standing up to Trump, but he is refusing to testify, to tell the truth.”

She added, “Brian Kemp has a long and unfortunate history of voter suppression, of not only supporting Donald Trump but seeking his endorsement and seeking his support even today. He has not rebuked Trump. He has not rebuked his bad behavior. He’s simply hoping that no one pays attention, and that is not heroic. That is self-interested. That is hubristic, and that is wrong for the future of Georgia.”

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