Maher: Migrants Got a Free Trip ‘to a Wealthy Island’ with Abortion — Marines Behind Biden Liked His Line about Using People as Props

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher quipped that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) sent the message to migrants “if you come here, you will get a free plane ride to a wealthy island.” And that the trip the migrants took sounds like the cruise he got his parents. Maher also jabbed President Joe Biden for accusing Republicans of using people as props by stating that when Biden said that, “all the Marines lined up behind him agreed.”

Maher said, “And then you saw the governors of Texas and Florida are sending their migrants to blue states. DeSantis in Florida sent all these Venezuelan migrants…to Martha’s Vineyard? He wanted to send a message to those migrants, if you come here, you will get a free plane ride to a wealthy island. Oh, the Democrats are mad. Biden said, he is using human beings as props and all the Marines lined up behind him agreed. And the guy who’s running against DeSantis in Florida, Charlie Crist…he said, all the immigrants in Florida, the 4.5 million immigrants in Florida are now wondering if they’re next. Again, not wondering, fingers crossed, please send me to this lovely island that’s modern and has abortion services and likes us. The migrants, first, they went to Martha’s Vineyard, and then they — today, they sent them to Cape Cod. Just throw in a stop in Nantucket, it’s the same cruise I got my parents a few years back. … America doesn’t see anything the same, right? Right and left? The right, they see Venezuelan immigrants, they see, oh, axe murderers, the left sees that and they go, oh, someone to raise my kids.”

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