ABC’s Christoforous: Labor Force Participation Decline the Opposite of What You See ‘in a Healthy Economy’

On Friday’s “ABC News Live,” ABC News Business Reporter Alexis Christoforous stated that the decline in the labor force participation in the November jobs report is not what you see “in a healthy economy, in a healthy job market,” where you would have “more people entering the labor force.”

Christoforous noted that the jobs report was “much stronger than expected” and shows that “companies are still looking to bring workers on despite fears of a recession and an uncertain economic outlook.”

She continued, “And there are a couple of things in this report that are not going to sit well with the Federal Reserve and its fight against inflation. Namely, wages, up 0.6% month-over-month, up 5.1% year-over-year. That’s not great news for the Fed because higher wages [mean] it’s inflationary. Also, we saw something called the labor force participation rate actually go down, not great news, because in a healthy economy, in a healthy job market, you have more people entering the labor force. That’s not what we’re seeing now.”

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