Malliotakis: Congress Needs to Require States to Give Judges Discretion on Bail

On Friday’s broadcast of Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) said that one of her biggest legislative priorities is for Congress to “require states to give judges discretion to set bail and hold dangerous criminals.” So we don’t have bail policies like the one in New York state.

Malliotakis stated [relevant remarks begin around 16:10] that the House GOP’s approach “is defense and offense in many ways. As a member of the minority, we fought really hard to stop some of the radical election law changes they wanted to put in place — using taxpayer money to fund campaigns, for example — packing the Supreme Court, anti-police measures. We stopped those things by exposing it to the American people and getting them on our side. However, now, in the majority, certainly, offense, trying to get a lot of stuff done. Our priorities — one of my biggest priorities for New York City to keep us safe is to pass a measure that would require states to give judges discretion to set bail and hold dangerous criminals. That is one of the reasons why crime is so out of control in New York City, because they’ve been stripped [of] that discretion by the state legislature.”

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