Rubio: Chinese Spy Balloon ‘Not the First’ — ‘We’ve Seen These Before’ and They Get the Same Info from Other Means

On Friday’s “Mike Gallagher Show,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) stated that the Chinese spy balloon over the United States is “not the first time” and “We’ve seen these before.” He also stated that China can get the information it gets from the balloon from satellites, Huawei equipment that is installed in the United States, and “a million” different ways and China does so and the balloon is “just one more method that they use to collect intelligence on us.”

Rubio said, “It’s not the first time, by the way. We’ve seen these before. I just think, yesterday, the acknowledgment of it is because they knew people were going to be seeing it and there were going to be reports about it and you couldn’t hide it.”

He added, “Look, there’s — those sensors and those things, and they’re gathering, but they can also get that information from satellites. They can get that information from all of the Huawei equipment and routers that are still installed across the United States. There [are] a million ways that they can gather this information that they want, and they are doing it. Their espionage levels have grown. As much as anything else, this is just one more method that they use to collect intelligence on us.”

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