Booker: GOP ‘Hypocritical’ for Criticizing Biden on Chinese Balloon

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Republicans were being “hypocritical” when criticizing President Joe Biden on the Chinese balloon incident.

Booker said, “Well, I want to make one more point about this. I think what is problematic when Democrat or Republican have one standard for one president and another for another president. We should remember that this is now known to have happened under the Trump administration multiple times. And so to create another standard for Biden when Trump, it seems allowed this to go over the United States is just a bit hypocritical.”

He added, “We are in a position where we have a global contest going on Chinese espionage not just against potentially our country as a whole but also companies, Chinese activities right now with Taiwan. this is a time we need to unite on both sides of the aisle, not engage in partisanship but do some of the good work we have done in the last Congress, like the CHIPS Act, a national security bill that helped us make sure we should there be incursions against Taiwan we are ready as a country. This is the time to unite and find strategies to counter Chinese espionage and their other ill activities around the globe.”

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