ABC’s Scott: Biden Still Hasn’t Issued Order to Help COVID Relief Fraud Identity Theft Victims He Promised a Year Ago

During a report on Tuesday, ABC News Senior Congressional Correspondent Rachel Scott stated that despite promising an executive order to help victims of identity theft who had their stolen identities used to obtain fraudulent coronavirus relief benefits in March of 2022, the Biden administration still hasn’t issued the order.

After Scott reported on coronavirus relief fraud and people who were victims of identity theft that was used to obtain relief fraudulently, host Linsey Davis asked, “What more can the Biden administration do [to help identity theft victims?]”

Scott responded, “Well, in March of last year, the Biden administration promised to announce a new executive order in the coming weeks to support victims of identity theft. But that still has not happened yet. The administration tells us that it will come soon. And it would seek to boost Small Business Administration resources to tackle fraud. They’re also calling on Congress to provide $1.6 billion that would triple DOJ efforts to investigate fraud, enhance websites to make a one-stop shop for fraud victims, and pilot a system that could also warn people when their identities are used. But as of now, it’s not clear if that proposal would even pass in Congress, Linsey.”

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