Bass: ‘There Are Certain’ L.A. Metro Lines I’d Tell My Friends ‘to Avoid at Certain Hours’

During an interview aired on Friday’s broadcast of “The Issue Is,” Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass stated that while she would generally feel comfortable sending her friends on the Los Angeles Metro system, “there are certain lines” on the system that she “would tell them to avoid at certain hours,” but she doesn’t think those lines are a reflection of all of the lines on the Metro system.

Host Elex Michaelson asked, “Obviously, when you go to Metro, through no fault of your own, you get security as the Mayor of Los Angeles. Most people don’t get that when they go, would you send your friends or loved ones on Metro, do you think that they would be safe on Metro right now?”

Bass responded, “I would send my friends on Metro, but there are certain lines I would tell them to avoid at certain hours, but overall, I don’t think it characterizes all of the lines.”

Bass also stated that she supports a study to determine whether or not the Metro should have its own, separate police force and criticized the design of the current system where multiple departments are responsible for policing the Metro system.

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