Kudlow: DeSantis’ Disney Obsession ‘Really Damaging Him’

Fox Business Network host Larry Kudlow said Thursday on his show “Kudlow” that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) “obsession” with fighting the Disney Corporation was “really damaging him.”

Kudlow said, “Start out with this, Trump has got all of these endorsements. He got a big lead in the polls. His endorsement list is unbelievable, but we’ll get to that in a second. Trump is running against DeSantis. Meanwhile, in my view, DeSantis is running against Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. And I think that’s a huge mistake, and his obsession here, I think, is really damaging him. And people and his own backers are pulling away. Mark, Simone said on the air last night. He said if Donald Trump, if he had a dispute with the Disney corporation, Trump would have come in himself solved it in a day or two. Here is DeSantis devoting his entire time to it. Trump is way ahead. DeSantis is fighting Mickey Mouse.”

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway said, “DeSantis made a big mistake, in my humble view by allowing himself to be seen as the alternative to Trump. He should’ve come out and said, ‘I’m an alternative to Biden. He would’ve transported himself into a general election place. And he didn’t do that. Trump’s in his head.”

Kudlow said, “Trump’s in his head. So is Mickey Mouse.”

He added, “It is just fascinating to me that nobody remotely competes with Trump on polls and endorsements.”

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