Conway: Cornel West’s Third-Party Candidacy Could Decide the 2024 Election

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that progressive activist Cornel West’s third-party presidential bid could decide the 2024 election.

Conway said, “Even if you don’t become president, you as a third party candidate spoiler can decide who is the president. This happened in 1992 when we had Bush 41 as the incumbent and a guy named Bill Clinton the Arkansas governor got elected with 43 1/2% of the vote. Why? because Ross Perot got 19% of the popular vote even though he did not rack up any electoral votes.”

She continued, “If you play to win and you are Cornel West and you are still not satisfied with the trajectory of the Democratic Party being progressive enough for you under a Biden/Harris administration then you’ll run to the left of them, number one. Number two, he will make a play for people who feel forgotten and feel abandon by this Democratic Party and nobody is listening them and including them. That is in part of how Trump won in 2016. I think he can do it from the left.”

Conway added, “We have some precedent there that Cornel West can point to as to what he is doing. I know him. he is a super smart guy and he is very committed to the policies and principles he thinks more Americans want to hear.”

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