Sununu: Trump Can Not Win Presidency — His ‘Ceiling at His Best Is 45%’

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) said Monday on CNN’s “Inside Politics” that former President Donald Trump can not win the presidential election in November 2024 because his ceiling of popularity is at 45%.

Sununu said, “So one of the key points of that poll showed that about a third of Trump supporters would consider somebody else. When you look at the favorable/unfavorable of all the different candidates DeSantis is better than former President Trump, Tim Scott has strong numbers. Other candidates are showing strong numbers.”

He continued, “I think we all agree the former president’s floor is high, 32, 33, 34%, but his ceiling is also very low. Realistically the ceiling at his best is 45%, but probably gets down to 40%, 42% as we get closer to the elections. Given that, again in Iowa and New Hampshire he polls about 10 points lower than he does nationally that’s where the conversations are happening.”

He added, “His ceiling is stuck at about 45%. So he really can’t go any higher because there’s no unknowns.”

Sununu concluded, “He can not win in November. So as bad as it would be as losing the presidency and he absolutely can’t do it, it also hurts others. If we want to win governorships, he hurts that, we want to win Senate and congressional races he hurts all of that.”

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