Van Jones: Dems Worried Presidency Too High-Stress for Grandpa Biden

CNN political commentator Van Jones said Thursday on “This Morning” that Democrats are worried that the presidency is too “high-stress” a job for Joe Biden as he ages.

Jones said, “A lot of people are terrified that Joe Biden is in real trouble and that you can’t talk about it. So that’s what’s going on.”

He continued, “Right now, today, I think a lot of Democrats look at these numbers and say the whispers are finally showing up in this data. People are talking behind their hand. They worry about Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s like that grandpa that you love that you believe in. You owe a lot. But you start to wonder, you know, would you give this grandpa a high-stress job for six more years, or would you want something else for him?”

Jones added, “I think is maybe the bottom for Joe Biden. He may go up as the economy improves, but right now, the economy is getting better and fears about the economy are getting worse. We’ve got to be honest as Democrats that there’s real pain out there at the base of our party. People still don’t feel these policies yet, and we’re going to have to make the case stronger. We can’t just say, hey, don’t worry about it. We have to make a stronger case for the help that’s on the way than we have so far.”

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