MSNBC’s Witt: Joe Going to Hunter’s Meeting Just Demonstrated Connections People Already Knew Hunter Had

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “11th Hour,” MSNBC host Alex Witt stated that the investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and his father’s involvement in them hasn’t turned up anything other than then-Vice President Joe Biden showing up to one of his son’s meetings, which did demonstrate Hunter Biden’s connection to his dad, but people already knew that and that’s “probably in large part why Hunter Biden got” the positions he got.

Witt said, “This impeachment inquiry is just a bunch of [malarky]. … But they’re going to make something of it. We’ll go past an inquiry phase, absolutely. But what is there? There’s been untold amounts of research looking into this, trying to get everything you possibly can. What have they found yet? Absolutely nothing. I saw one report that Joe Biden, at one point, while Vice President, stopped by a meeting that his son was holding, said hi to everybody, was there, in and out, didn’t really talk to people individually. He did that. And what did that show? It showed, guess what, that’s my dad. Like everybody didn’t already know that was your dad. That’s probably in large part why Hunter Biden got these positions, right?”

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