Hume: Trump ‘More Likely To Drive the Republicans to a Defeat’ Than Dictatorship

Fox News chief political analyst Brit Hume said Monday on FNC’s “Special Report” that former President Donald Trump was “more likely” to lead Republicans to defeat than a dictatorship in 2024.

Hume said, “They are predicting that he would try to drive the country toward dictatorship. That he would use his second term to seek revenge on everybody who  resisted and opposed him over the term of his presidency and beyond. I have to say it seems to me it’s all a little overwrought. We had four years of Donald Trump and blustered and bragged and threatened and so forth and, yet he didn’t bring us to the brink of dictatorship. And for all the excitement that was created by his activities after the election, which, he tried everything he could to try to remain in power, in the end, it failed. What was labeled an insurrection lasted about three or four hours. It was no match for the constitutional restraints that exist and would exist in a Trump second term.”

He added, “He’s more likely to drive the Republicans to a defeat at the hands of Joe Biden than he is to drive the country toward dictatorship.”

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