Pelosi: GOP Taking Away Freedom by Banning Books — Classics ‘Now Burned’

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight” that she believes Democrats are fighting for freedoms that Republicans are taking away with book bans.

The former speaker claimed books in school that have been classics “are now burned.”

Wagner said, “Some of the priorities for these Republican lawmakers in a vacuum. The most egregious things really stand out. Among them their war on reproductive freedom and the most recent comments from their informal head, their front runner, Donald Trump, who wants to replace Obamacare.”

Pelosi said, “Yes, imagine that. When he was president he said repeal and replace. He had no replacement, he just wanted to repeal and it was defeated. Not move just by our inside maneuvering by outside mobilization, the grassroots people that benefit, the people who benefit from the Affordable Care Act. it wasn’t about them talking about provisions it was them talking about their personal experience and that is what we intend to do.”

She added, “These are kitchen table issues, as are the issues that you referenced earlier about a woman’s right to choose. kitchen table issues. it’s an economic issue. all of it for families about their health, their financial well-being, about their freedom. We fight for democracy here in our country. Ukrainians are fighting for their, we are fighting for freedom here. Whether it’s freedom for LGBTQ communities, whatever, the freedom is that people want to read a book, to even read a book, for your child to read books in school that have been classics and are now burned.”

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