Sununu: Trump’s ‘Extreme’ Language Shows He’s ‘Nervous His Base Is Going to Leave Him’

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) said Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that former President Donald Trump was using “extreme” language on immigration because he was “nervous his base is going to leave him.”

Sununu said, “Everyone knows Donald Trump’s record. You know, as Republicans, we want that border secure. You know, we want the right fiscal policies in place. We wanted to drain the swamp. He didn’t do any of it. And there’s no, you don’t even have to run ads on that. He just didn’t get it done. ”

He continued, “You know, it’s funny when you he was here over the weekend, and he spent all this time saying this, this horrible, you know, rhetoric against illegal immigrants and all this sort of thing. And all he’s doing there is trying to spur up his base. He’s nervous his base is going to leave him at this point. That’s why he gets so extreme in some of these speeches he’s giving. And he does it around the immigration issue because he doesn’t want people to remember. By the way, you were there for four years, buddy.

Sununu added, “You had a chance to secure the border. You had a chance to make Mexico pay for it, as you told us you would. You didn’t do any of it. So he’s doing everything he can to distract from the fact, almost like he wasn’t president. He was in charge for four years, and look what didn’t get done. So he’s he’s running scared. He knows that he doesn’t have any momentum.”

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