Moskowitz: We’ve Mistakenly Hit Aid Workers Too, We Did in Afghanistan

On Wednesday’s “CNN Newsroom,” Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) stated that the killing of several World Central Kitchen workers by an Israeli strike is a terrible tragedy that Israel needs to work to avoid repeating, tragedies like this happen in war, and the United States has had similar incidents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Moskowitz said, “I agree with President Biden that it’s a tragedy. These families now are broken. I’ve met with José Andrés. I used World [Central] Kitchen during COVID, when I was the director of emergency management. What they do [is] amazing work around the world in extremely tough areas.”

He added that while Israel has to examine how to avoid an incident like this isn’t repeated, but it also wouldn’t have happened if Hamas would accept a ceasefire, “this is something that, unfortunately, we’ve seen happen in war. It happened to us in Iraq. It happened to us in Afghanistan. But these families are irrevocably broken, empty rooms in their house, empty chairs at the dinner table. There’s nothing you could say, for people who were doing humanitarian work, putting their lives on the line, there’s nothing you could say to explain this away.”

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