Graham: Ukraine Aid ‘Would Not Have Passed Without Donald Trump’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on this week’s broadcast on “Fox News Sunday” that Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) aid package that included for Ukraine would not have passed the House without help from former President Donald Trump.

Graham said, “The Ukrainian military, with our help, has killed about 50% of the combat power of the Russians. This is the year of more. They’re going to have more weapons, but we also want them to have new weapons, ATACMS to knock the bride down between Crimea and Russia. They are going to have F-16s. So, this idea give up on Ukraine makes the world safer, if you pull the plug on Ukraine cause you don’t have enough capability. There goes Taiwan.”

He continued, “Ukrainians are fighting like tigers This aid package has a loan component it. This would not have passed without Donald Trump. I want to thank the House speaker and Hakeem Jeffries woking together in a bipartisan fashion to give weapons to Ukraine to fight a fight that matters to us. President Trump has created a loan component to this package that gives us leverage down the road.”

Graham added, “So this idea that we can’t help Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan at the same time, I reject that. I reject it totally.”

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