Behar: People Who Wear MAGA Hats Should ‘Put a Swastika’ on It

Joy Behar told her co-host Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that people who wear MAGA hats should “put a swastika” on it while discussing a since-removed video re-posted to Donald Trump’s Truth Social account that briefly showed an image calling for a “unified Reich.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “I think that it’s so dangerous that he is willing to shout out the quiet part. And I don’t understand what Biden can do really to counter that narrative because if you don’t hear what he’s saying, then you’re never going to hear anything.”

Co-host Sara Haines said, “I agree with the table on the severity of referencing the Reich, World War II, he’s openly admired dictators. He respects them for being able to shut down the media and any dissenters and all those things. So I believe he thinks all those things. He dines with Nazis and White Supremacists.”

Behar said, “I don’t think when this Third Reich comes into play it’s going to be only about Jewish people. It’s about immigrants and nonwhite people. I mean, let’s be clear.”

She added, “By the way out there, that hat that you keep wearing, that red hat that says ‘Make America Great Again,’ that tells people that you go along with this so you might as well just put a swastika on the hat.”

Haines said, “Don’t do that.”

Behar said, “Because we see it anyway.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “The bottom line is this isn’t good for any of us. I mean this, is what it comes down. It’s not good for any American. This is not the American way.”

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