Alyssa Farah Griffin: Nikki Haley ‘Betrayed’ Voters By Endorsing Trump, She Damaged Herself ‘Irreparably’

Alyssa Farah Griffin told her co-hosts Thursday on ABC’s “The View” that former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) endorsing former President Donald Trump was a betrayal to her voters.

Griffin said, “I am disappointed but I’m not surprised. I lost all faith in all politicians quite some time ago. Maybe I’m being petty but if someone attacked my  intelligence, my family, my marriage and American democracy I probably wouldn’t then go back and support them and them military. Listen, Haley voters feel betrayed. A quick scan of her Instagram comments on this post itself and it’s just we feel betrayed by you. You told us why we should be fearful of him and now you flipped on it. I have always believed that the Haley voters actually were with her she was an aviator for something other than Trump.”

She continued, “I wasn’t with Haley because I thought she was perfect. I was pretty critical of her a number of times on the show, but she gave us hope of a party that could start inching the right direction. I am not convinced these 150,000 people who turned out in suburban Pennsylvania to cast a protest vote for her are going to go to Trump because she’s supporting him. I think they were always more Never Trump than she is. I think it is time for Biden to engage them.”

Griffin added, “This is political expediency, it’s pathetic and cowardly. She did not help Donald Trump but she damaged herself honestly irreparably.”

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