O’Leary: Trump Could Use a VP ‘That’s Very Much Not Like Him, That Has Executional Skills’

“Shark Tank” star and investor Kevin O’Leary said Friday on CNN’s “Laura Coates Live” that former President Donald Trump’s pick for vice president should be “someone that’s very much not like him, that has executional skills.”

Coates said, “I hear though you are rooting for a particular person, Governor Doug Burgum, to be Trump’s VP pick. You called him Trump insurance. Explain that and why you see him or want him as the VP.”

O’Leary said, “I’ve sat with a governor or sat with his staff. This guy gets stuff done, whether you need a permit or whether you need policy or you what to sent taxes. You need to speak to the CEO of a company he’s a business guy, so it’s a personal reflection that I see here. And frankly, I think Trump could use someone that’s very much not like him, that has executional skills.”

He added, “You get Burgum, this mandate, you say go fix the border, go fix energy, go fix whatever that’s what he does. I’m just saying it from a personal perspective. I like this guy as Trump insurance because Trump is bombastic, but he even himself said in the last few weeks, look, I made some mistakes in my first term. I’m not going to hire the same people and reposition.”

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