Comey: ‘Overwhelming Chance’ Trump Will Be Convicted in New York Business Records Trial

Former FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday on NewsNation’s “Dan Abrams Live” that he believed former President Donald Trump would be convicted in his New York business record trial.

Host Dan Abrams asked, “If you had been the Manhattan D.A. — you were a former top prosecutor in New York, not the Manhattan D.A., but in another role — would you have brought the hush money case?

Comey said, “I wasn’t sure that I would have when I read the indictment, but now, having seen the case, I’m not sure after investigating how they wouldn’t bring it. They had a much stronger case than I imagined. They’d be taking a pass on it because of who the defendant was. And that’s something you don’t ever want to do as a prosecutor.”

Abrams said, “What do you think’s going to happen? I can’t imagine there’ll be anything about a hung jury.”

Comey said, “I actually, I have a different take. I think there’s an overwhelming chance of a conviction, a significant but much smaller chance of a hung jury, and zero chance of an acquittal.”

He added, “They built a very strong circumstantial case. They built a building out of a series of bricks that really couldn’t be crossed because there were documents, there were texts, there were the words of the defendant before they went to their cooperator at the end. I bet they even debated whether they needed to call Cohen as a cooperator. And that circumstantial case, at least in my experience, having tried a lot of cases, is very, very powerful with the jury.”

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