Fox Corporation Board Member Paul Ryan: Trump ‘Unfit for Office’

Paul Ryan, a Fox Corporation Board of Directors member, said Tuesday on FNC’s “Your World” that former President Donald Trump is “unfit for office.”

Host Neil Cavuto asked, “Now, I know a lot of these folks who also shared your same concerns about Donald Trump that sort of said, all right, we’re rallying around Donald Trump. You said that would not be the case with you. You had said that he’s a populist and an authoritarian narcissist. That character is too important to me, and it’s a job that requires the kind of character he just doesn’t have. That’s pretty strong.”

Ryan said, “Yeah, that’s the way I feel. I agree with that. I don’t support Biden either. I think his policies are terrible. I hate the fact that I feel I got to write in a Republican like I did the last time in 2020.”

Ryan said, “I voted for him in 2016, hoping that there was gonna be a different kind of person in office. And I do think character is a really important issue. If you put yourself above the Constitution as he has done I think that makes you unfit for office.”

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