Watch: Teen Girl Assaults Pregnant Mom Pushing Children in Stroller During Alleged Attempted Robbery

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Disturbing security camera footage shows a 15-year-old girl assaulting a pregnant mother who was pushing her two children in a stroller.

The wild incident happened on Monday in Ashfield, Western Australia. Local authorities say the suspect was allegedly attempting to steal the 37-year-old mother’s purse, according to

At the start of the footage, two teens are seen riding on scooters before a shot cuts to one of the teens, who is wearing a grey sweater, approaching the mother from behind and attacking her.

The unidentified 15-year-old is seen pulling on the mother’s hair and dragging her to the ground while the stroller tips over with the children still inside.

At one point, the teen hits the mother in the head before dragging her by the hair again on the pavement before they both disappear behind a fence.

According to via the New York Post, the mother only suffered minor cuts and bruises. However, she fell on her stomach, leaving police concerned about her unborn child’s well-being.

The Western Australian Police Force released additional footage of authorities arresting the suspect at a house in Ashfield.

As video footage shows authorities taking the suspect into custody, crying can be heard in the background while someone can be heard swearing at authorities – presumably the suspect.

Police say the 15-year-old girl was charged with attempted robbery and is due to appear in a magistrates court on September 13.

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