WATCH: Enraged Mom Confronts Sex Offender for Recording Daughter in Ohio Target

Charles Broc Mullholand
Ohio Attorney General

An enraged Ohio mom fearlessly confronted a registered sex offender, whom she caught taking a video of her teen daughter’s backside in a Target, and cops said they could not do anything about it.

Charles Broc Mullholand, 40, was yelled at and chased after by Monica Geisel while she was out shopping with her 16-year-old daughter in a dramatic video posted online. 

The clip shows Geisel demanding to see what was on Mullholand’s phone after her daughter, Addison, told her that she saw him filming her from behind. 

My mom yelling at a perv that recorded my ass at target…

Posted by Addison Geisel on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

“You took a video. Show it to me,” the fuming mom said as she cornered the man in the Rossford Target. “That’s my daughter; take it off your phone.”

After managing to get a glimpse of the phone’s contents while Mullholand held it, she said, “That’s disgusting.”

Mullholand attempted to walk away, but Geisel continued to follow him throughout the store. 

“You take one more video of an underage girl…,” she warned before telling him to “back the fuck off.”

As Mullholand headed for the exit, he called for an employee to help him as Geisel announced to onlookers that “this guy’s taking videos of underage girls at Target.”

As it turns out, Mullholand is already a tier two registered sex offender in Wood County, according to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

His previous offenses were pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor and illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material back in 2017.

When Rossford police officers arrived at the scene, they could not arrest him because recording people in public is not a crime, WTVG reported.

“There’s definitely some concerns there, but, unfortunately, that individual wasn’t breaking any laws at the time, and it puts us in kind of a bad spot because we know that there’s probably some ill intent, but there’s nothing that we can do about it, lawfully,” said Chief Todd Kitzler. 

Geisel, however, says this was not Mullholand’s first time creepily filming someone without their consent. 

“I see a ton of videos of other people on [his phone], other girls on there, and, so, that’s when I try to grab his phone, and he instantly, you know, like, pushed my arm and, like, took it, and that’s when he started walking away,” the irate mom told the station. 

“It’s not that he was just recording people; he’s recording her inappropriately, and he’s zooming in on body parts of her.”

Shortly after the incident, Mullholand was pulled over for a traffic violation and questioned about what happened in Target.

Bodycam footage of the interaction viewed by the Daily Mail shows Mulholland dodging questions from police and denying that he took a video.

“He offered to show the police his phone, but then claimed he couldn’t open it because he forgot his password,” the outlet reported.

He was let go with a traffic warning. 


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