Target to Stop Selling Sports, Pokemon Cards in Stores

Target has confirmed that it will no longer be selling Pokemon cards or sports cards for the MLB, NFL, and NBA throughout the United States starting this week. The company says the move is for the “safety of our guests and team members.”

man holding pokemon cardsman holding pokemon cards

Target Stops Sale of Transgender-Skeptical Book

The Twitter account for Target stores said the $80 billion corporation will stop selling a book about trangenderism’s harmful impact on young girls, following a complaint from a single Twitter account. 

Rainbow and Target Symbols

Conservatives Rally to #TargetTori After Leftist’s Toothbrush Tantrum

An alleged journalist named David Leavitt took to Twitter on Friday to announce that he had called the police on a Target store manager named Tori for refusing to sell him an Oral-B electric toothbrush for one cent. Leavitt then threatened to take Target to court. Conservatives rallied to Tori’s defense on the #TargetTori hashtag and raised $28,000 to send her on a vacation.

Target Tori