Parker: Small Businesses and Women Especially Need America to Reopen

People wait in line for Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines at the opening of a new vaccination site at Corsi Houses in Harlem New York on January 15, 2021. - Pfizer expects lower coronavirus vaccine deliveries for a stretch beginning in late January in order to lift output later this winter and …

Elaine Parker of Job Creators Nerwork writes in The Orange County Register that business restrictions in response to the coronavirus need to be lifted, and this can be accomplished with the full and rapid dissemination of the 95% effective vaccines:

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a surge of coronavirus business restrictions at the tail end of 2020 forced companies to shed 140,000 net jobs in December. And guess what? A report from the National Women’s Law Center indicates that women account for 100 percent of those losses. Females forfeited 156,000 jobs last month, while males actually made employment gains. It’s a lousy job market for everyone, but it’s clearly having an outsized impact on certain groups.

Americans should be lining-up to receive a vaccine.

Both approved coronavirus inoculations are among the best vaccines ever produced. The inoculations have proven to provide a strong defense against the virus for a vast majority of recipients (about 95 percent)—effectiveness rates that are comparable to the routine chicken pox or measles vaccinations.

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