Professor Accuses University of Active Discrimination ‘Against White Males’

Facebook/Michigan Technological University
Facebook/Michigan Technological University

An engineering professor at Michigan Technological University has written a scathing letter to the school senate complaining of ongoing discrimination against white males.

In his protest over University Senate Resolution 41-21, which condemns “anti-Blackness and systemic racism,” Prof. Jeffrey B. Burl calls for an apology, insisting the proposal “implies that white people and local people are racist,” the College Fix reported Monday.

The resolution, drafted in December 2020, asserts “American history, culture, institutions and practices are deeply and widely permeated with anti-Blackness and systemic racism” and calls for all students to receive “a sound, education concerning the historical and current manifestations and operations of anti-Blackness and systemic racism in American culture” as a requirement for graduation.

“I find this resolution particularly offensive because I, as a white male, have been systematically discriminated against for 40 years,” Prof. Burl writes, chronicling his experience in an environment that habitually “restricts opportunities for white males.”

Noting that “every group of people includes people that are racist” and that no group has a monopoly on racism, Burl asserts singling out one group for contempt is itself “wrong and racist.”

“I do not think that the best way to combat racism is with racism!” he states.

“Teaching black people that all white people are racists and should be hated (an implication of your resolution) makes things worse,” he asserts, suggesting a better approach would be to state, “Michigan Tech and the local community are good places that welcomes people from all walks of life.”

Many justify this reverse discrimination based on history, Burl notes, while adding, “There are no white males at Michigan Tech that have ever owned a slave.”

“I, because of being a white male, have suffered this accumulation of disadvantage for 40-plus years,” he declares. “Discrimination in hiring, discrimination in grant allocation, discrimination in advancement, etc.”

The professor notes that Martin Luther King, Jr. “fought for a day when America would be a country of equals — when we would be judged by our merits, no matter the color of our skin, the religion we profess, or the place we were born,” an ideal “we have not achieved” at Michigan Tech, “since we persist in discriminating against white males.”

“At first, I hesitated to write this letter for fear of retaliation. Since this is an important issue to humanity and Michigan Tech, I decided to make these comments anyway. I fully expect to experience retaliation associated with bringing these facts to light.”

In response to his letter, a petition has been launched on to “terminate” Professor Jeffrey Burl. The petition states Burl’s “racist views and ignorant statements” would “make many if not most prospective students uncomfortable in his classroom.”


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