VIDEO: Toddler Becomes Youngest Member of High I.Q. Society

A little girl in Kentucky named Isla McNabb is a typical two-year-old, but her parents noticed recently she absolutely adores the alphabet.

According to Jason McNabb, she would sound out the letters, “Then we started out with some simple words and she sounded them out,” Local 12 reported Tuesday.

However, it did not take long before the child was reading at a kindergarten level, noted Amanda McNabb.

“So, I said, ‘Let’s see what’s going on here, let’s see how smart this kid is,'” she continued.

From a very young age, babies and children begin cultivating the skills they will use when they start reading, according to Scholastic, and the time between ages three and five were very important to their growth in that area.

The McNabbs decided Isla should visit a psychiatrist who told them to have her IQ tested, even though it was not a common practice among two-year-olds.

Once the doctor gave Isla the test, she scored in the 99th percentile which surprised everyone, and at just two-years-old, she became the youngest member inducted into Mensa.

“Mensa is the largest, and oldest high IQ society and we reached out to them, and they confirmed that she was the youngest member,” Jason explained.

According to Mensa’s website, the organization has members in approximately 90 countries and provides them with opportunities for social, cultural, and intellectual interaction:

There is no single prevailing characteristic of Mensa members, other than a high IQ – and that’s where the similarities between them end! Mensans have ranged in age from 2 to more than 100, but most are aged between 20 and 60. In education they range from preschoolers to high school dropouts to people with multiple doctorates.

Now, the family hopes she will eventually make friends, attend conventions, and possibly benefit from a scholarship. But for the time being, the McNabbs want her to simply enjoy childhood.


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