It's Official: Spidey in the Tank for Obama (& Ashford & Simpson, Too)

Once, comic books were against Nazis and Hitler and were very up front in supporting America’s fight against them. But those days are over. Both DC and Marvel Comics long ago embraced left-wing politics, and when it came to the war on terror, they were for the most part silent. Fighting “global warming” and on behalf of other mythical left-wing creations was far more important (as was transforming Wonder Woman into an ugly, steroidal man).

Now, though, comic books are back to supporting the President, since he embodies their far-left ideology. Yup, Spider-Man is in the tank for Obama and lets us know, telling us he’s left Washington “in capable hands.” In a special issue, “Amazing Spider-Man #583,” out on Jan. 14th, the President-Elect Obama and Spidey are shown doing the fist-bump (wanna know what I think about the fist-bump?). In the plot, the Chameleon tries to kill Barack Obama before he gets inaugurated–feeding into the BS narrative that Obama is a martyr-in-waiting more so than any other President. But Spidey saves the day. Look at the Spiderman-Obama photo gallery (and get out the barf bag).

I’m just wondering: When Obama goes to share some baklava with his new friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or his buds in HAMAS, will we see Spidey cheering that on, too, and, again, tell America’s comic book readers we’re in “capable hands”?

Boy, I long for the days of Superman, Sgt. Fury, and other comic book superheroes fighting the Nazis . . . not sitting down to talk and eat wienerschnitzel with them or praising Presidents who want to do just that.

Look at this Sgt. Fury comic book from the Debbie Schlussel comic book collection. Like Spiderman, Sgt. Fury was also from Marvel Comics. Note that Sgt. Fury’s mission wasn’t to have a “dialogue” with Hitler. So sad that these days, the superheroes’ objective is girlie-man foreign policy.


In other pop culture for Obama news, ’80s has-beens Ashford & Simpson (‘memba them?) are re-releasing their annoying “Solid (as a Rock)” song as “Solid (as Barack).” No, not making this up. Hmmm . . . I thought the ’80s were the “bad Reagan years of excess.” I guess this is the Ashford & Simpson repentance for doing so well in those Reagan years, as opposed to the Barack years, in which they won’t be doing quite so well.


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