ANNOUNCEMENT: The Era of the Leftist-Hollywood Sucker Punch is Over

The title might be a little overblown.

Everywhere online you’ll find script reviews for upcoming television and film projects. Big Hollywood won’t be breaking any new ground there. However…


Over the past few weeks, thanks to a courageous Whistleblower — a dedicated, savvy and patriotic individual — Big Hollywood has accumulated, not one, not five, not twenty… but nearly fifty television and film screenplays at various stages of development. Some of these scripts represent projects that have been completed and await release. Some represent projects that will never see the light of day.

But we have them. And we’re going to share them with you.

Not the actual screenplays. That would be wrong. But with the tireless help of a group of Big Hollywood contributors, we’ve created The Sucker Punch Squad. Their mission (and they have been kind enough to accept it) is to give you — the public tired of paying for the privilege of being insulted — a heads up in advance of the political, social and otherwise obnoxious content Tinseltown’s artless propagandists thought they were going to get away with forcing on those of us they laughingly call The Unsuspecting Rubes.

As this site has pointed out for over a year now, Hollywood is above many of the laws that govern most mortals. Everyday, in their hiring decisions, these enlightened liberals openly discriminate. They call it demographics. In the real world it’s called racism. Everyday, these fighters for the common man relentlessly lobby to benefit from trickle-down economics even as their product and spokespeople savage anyone else who would like to keep more of their own money. And now with “Green Zone,” these despicables proved immune to yet another rule that governs polite society: truth in advertising.

Universal Studios sold two hours of anti-American revisionist lies as just another “Bourne” adventure film. To try and separate hard-working Americans facing tough economic times from the cost of a night at the movies, television ads and movie trailers put Matt Damon’s bitter vinegar in a fancy bottle and called it wine.

You can’t do that.

Well, at least wine companies can’t, but Hollywood does it all the time. Sneaking their bankrupt, nihilist agenda on us and our children is what they’re all about. It’s not like you and I can trust 99.9% of film and television critics to warn us, either. They’re nothing more than the Palace Guards. And since we’re not dumb enough to hold our breath waiting for the government to treat Hollywood like every other industry in America — to crack down on misleading advertising (and openly racist hiring policies), we’ve hooked up with a Whistleblower.

Before sexy, misleading advertising blurs our good sense, and dishonest critics carry the water of obfuscation, Big Hollywood’s newest mission is to get ahead of all that and get the word out. Times are tough and only getting tougher. You work too hard for you money to be conned by the next “Green Zone.”

On the other hand, we might find something worthy, a pleasant surprise. We’ll let you know about those, as well.

Tomorrow we begin with a review of film already being touted as a 2010 Oscar contender. Not because anyone’s seen it and finds it really, really good.

They just think it’s “important.”

And we all know what “important” means in this town.

P.S. If there’s an upcoming film or television pilot you’d like us to review, please make a request in the comments. We can’t get our hands on everything, but we did pretty well with our own wish list.


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