Notes From a Tea Party: I'm Old School

[I gave an abbreviated version of this speech at a Tea-Party in Lake Forrest, California yesterday.]

It’s so nice to be back in Orange County where I grew up. And it’s great to be surrounded by all of my fellow racist-extremist-morons. Oh, you didn’t hear? That’s how the mainstream media is labeling all of us T-party participants.


It was a bit of a surprise to find out I was a racist-extremist-moron, as I try to deal with all my fellow humans with courtesy and respect. But if I disagree with a president of mixed race, I am a racist? Got it. He’s half-black and half-white…and I’m white… Not sure exactly how that works…especially since one of my most oft-quoted heroes was a Black man. I harken to the words of Dr. King in supporting a color-blind society. A person being ‘judged by the content of his character rather that the color of his skin’ type of thing.

And I did pretty well in school, went to college, I try to stay up on current events, I read voraciously and have published a book and written over forty articles that have been published on the Internet, so it surprised me to find out I’m a moron.

And…like all of you ‘morons’, I believe in the American Constitution. I believe brilliant minds put it together with built-in limits of power that were meant to safe-guard the sorts of abuses we now see coming at us on a daily basis in Washington, D.C.

And I must really be out of step, because I believe in God. I think anybody who investigates science, physics, and chemistry, astronomy; who looks around at this beautiful universe of natural wonders…and doesn’t see an intelligent loving Creator behind it all…well; they just failed the intelligence quiz as far as I’m concerned.

And I believe in the American people. We have leadership at the state, city, and local community level. I believe in WE THE PEOPLE’s ability to solve our own problems for ourselves, without the federal government insinuating itself into every aspect of our daily lives. I do believe it’s true – that “a government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have”.

So obviously…I’m an extremist. I need to get with the program. The New Way. I need to stop worrying about my life…and the lives of my family…and I need to turn over all my responsibility to the government.

I just wrote a big check this morning to the government, so I’m a little worked up – but now I hear I need to give them more and more of my money – and shut up and be fully confident that they are so much wiser than I and know so much better than I do how best to spend my money for my own good.

How about you guys? Want government to take over every little decision in our lives for your own good? Is that what we want our government to do? But Gary, you say, there are people who can’t take care of themselves; there are people who are poor. Yeah! I know, I was one of them! Until I got my butt in gear and started working!But wait, there are people who are disabled, who can’t work. Yeah – and we are a compassionate people. When have we not taken care of the truly disabled? But Gary, there are no jobs; the unemployment is up to 9%. So? Who said life was going to be simple?


Where in our Constitution does it say, “Sit back and cruise. Now that we’re America, you don’t have to find work. The government will provide you with a job, a place to live, free health care, everything!”

BULLSHIT! America is about two things, and they can only exist one alongside the other: Freedom and Responsibility. Individual freedom and personal responsibility. That is the promise of America, and that is why thousands every day risk their lives to break in to our country. And those old models of government — those ‘progressive’ ideas that spawned state prisons like the former Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, North Korea, and theocracies like Iran? People are risking their lives to break out of those places. You connect the dots.

I am responsible for my own life. I’m not responsible for yours. You may have fallen upon hard times. Been there, done that, and you have my sympathy. And I pride myself at being the kind of guy who will reach out and try to lift you up, if I can, and lend a helping hand. But if I think for a second that you’re not pulling your own weight in your own life, that hand is retracted.

I love what Dennis Miller said (and I paraphrase) – “I’m compassionate and willing to help the truly helpless – but the truly clueless, hey take a hike, pal.” Hard love — get on with it, get your butt in gear. You’re an American — that’s what an American does.

But the Democrats in Congress and the White House have other ideas.

And the winds of “Change” are upon us.

Recently, there was another hero of mine at the White House…who was thoroughly dissed – Bebe Netanyahu. A real man, intent on the survival of his country. And now…it seems…getting no help, no, not even courtesy, from us. Can somebody please explain to me why there are still Jews in this country who back the Democrats? The Democrats sell out Israel at every single turn, the disrespecting of Netanyahu being only the most recent act of belligerence and non-support by this White House.

But then, that’s just me. I’m old school. I believe American presidents don’t bow to foreign kings…don’t apologize for his country’s attempts to spread democracy and prosperity around the world…and we don’t give terrorists more ‘civil rights’ than the victims of their terrorism.


Old school. I don’t believe in government bailouts, period. Not for banks, not for car companies, not for unions. That is not a prudent, or even constitutionally sanctioned, responsibility of American tax dollars. A bank is failing, let ’em fail! Ford going belly-up, Chrysler is hurting because people aren’t buying their cars, so what! Bye- bye! Maybe the new reworked bankruptcy deal will actually come up with some fiscal solutions that involve carrying a profit, instead of keeping the big boss union thug reps happy.

But I’m old school. I’m not hip, I’m not politically correct. I believe that it’s actually a good thing that we are the sole remaining nuclear superpower. I don’t feel an overwhelming need to ‘balance things out’ with the likes of Russia, Iran or North Korea.

The President’s recent remarks about the balance of nuclear power and our admission to the world that we won’t pursue remedy with every military resource at hand against enemies that use chemical or biological weapons against us is not only outrageously naive and irresponsible…it’s flat out goofy. And when the leader of the free world makes public policy statements that are generally perceived of as ‘goofy’…then our enemies around the world take a big…step…forward. There are some pretty bad people out there who mean to do some pretty bad things to us – simply because we represent something they can’t tolerate: Freedom.

Though it seems out of vogue to remind ourselves… We are at war. We have a militant faction of radical Muslim extremists who insist that we bow to their god –or die.

Fair enough. At least their terms are crystal clear.

But in my opinion, an even more serious battle wages on here at home. The battle for Freedom. And the battlefield is right between the ears of the American people.

In the war of ideas, words are our weapons – both defensive and offensive, tactical and strategic. And every time we let a Leftist get away with fomenting yet another obfuscation, another half-truth, or slur and demean another great America-loving patriot, or denigrate another one of our time-honored traditions…we are moving a step back…and giving up ground.

Every time we don’t stand up to a verbal or written assault on the idea of America; the concept that in this country, if you work hard and treat people with decency and respect and honesty, you can succeed to your heart’s desire, limited only by the meter of your own ambition. Every time we don’t remind the Leftist of this…we’re pulling back…and surrendering ground for which so many brave and noble patriots have paid the ultimate price.

I’m guilty of it. Maybe some of you are too. Hearing spew from some Lefty’s mouth that same old America’s-to-blame, let’s-all-be-like-Europe crap that sounds so politically correct, and to many seems so ‘culturally evolved’ to say.

We, who are not normally politically active, who just want to raise our families and go to work and live our lives…we who are not typically prone to confrontation, well…we demure from the fight. We hold our tongues. “Just let it go,” we think silently. “Why engage? It won’t change anyone’s mind. We’ll just end up arguing and putting a damper on this pretty day….”

Well I say BULLSHIT. Put a damper on the day! Things have changed – drastically. Blow a whistle. Throw a flag on the play, call 15 yards for unnecessary stupidity.

Get in their face. Remind them in a calm but firm manner…that they are obviously misinformed. America is the greatest nation the world has ever known.

America, with its concept of personal liberty and responsibility extends, to hundreds of millions, opportunities at happiness and prosperity never before seen in human history.

America, at great cost, has done more to selflessly introduce freedom and democracy around the globe than any other nation, bar none. America, like no other country you can name, has been the beacon of hope – real hope – for the world since the time of its inception and continues to offer the world the best of everything – the best technology, the best agriculture, the highest standard of living, by anyone’s measure, and yes, the best HEALTH CARE!

At least…for now.

Folks… Our greatest battle is upon us. We are fighting the fight of our lives. And it is for the hearts and minds of America. We are literally fighting for our freedom.

And we can win this fight — if we stay true to our purpose, and stay politically active, even ratchet it up. Get on the offense; take it to the streets, the shops, the coffee houses, fellow employees at work. Everywhere you go, ask questions, raise the issues, question their offhand remarks, ask them specifically what they mean by that. (Leftists hate specifics. They hate having to define their terms because it forces their true intentions out into the open; and reveals their core beliefs….which when held up to the bright light of truth…are abhorrent, even, in most cases, to them.)

Debate stupidity. Calmly, confidently, armed with the facts, take them on. Our forefathers risked their careers, their property, even their lives to stand up for American ideals; we can risk a little discomfort, embarrassment or popularity debating some lefty knucklehead in a supermarket. You see…we have truth, reason…and goodness on our side. What’ve they got? Keith Olbermann? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid?

We can win. And we will win.

Don’t let up. Let’s take back Congress in 2010, and then do some White House renovation in 2012!

That’s change I can believe in.

Thanks for listening, and GOD BLESS AMERICA.