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'Primetime Propaganda' Producer Di Bona 'Clarifies' Anti-conservative Statements


Today in THR:

Separately, Di Bona has been trying to convince Hollywood that the only reason he allowed Shapiro to interview him was because he was purposely misled.

Di Bona told Daily Variety that Shapiro “misrepresented the nature of that interview and subject matter of his book.”

Shapiro responded by sharing a partial transcript from the interview, where he tells Di Bona the book is about “the social content of television.”


Di Bona is one of several Hollywood executives Shapiro interviewed, and he is using video snippets of those encounters to promote the book, subtitled “The true Hollywood story of how the left took over your TV.”

In one video featuring Di Bona he confirms the anti-gun messages that were routinely inserted into episodes of MacGyver, a show he produced two decades ago, and in another [see above] he opines on the lack of conservatives working in Hollywood and adds: “I’m happy about it.” Those videos, along with others featuring different TV executives, were revealed by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

Contacted late Thursday, Di Bona sought to clarify things he said during his interview with Shapiro.

“If in any way it was construed that I supported quashing another point of view, in any way or fashion, this is not the spirit of the statement,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was a reflection on a statement that many of Hollywood producers and directors support a liberal point of view. The freedom of speech and the ability to air one’s opinion is the most precious thing we have in our society. I believe in my point of view but not to the detriment of freedom of speech.”

Full piece here.


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