Exposed and Angry: Jon Stewart's Mad At Me!

When Ben Shapiro approached me, asking me to put a face to the anti-conservative, discriminatory practices in Hollywood (along with providing tangible examples), I had no idea what I was in for. “Sure, I can just send you the most recent one that comes to mind,” I said flippantly. Well here we are, two weeks later, manager-less and having ticked off one of the most powerful men in comedy.

Eh, it’s Hollywood folks. What can ya do?

[youtube HdW4geJ-lik nolink]


See, this isn’t about me. I’m fortunate enough to have a career and the ability to make my voice relatively public, but what about the people starting out, the people who haven’t yet discovered their own voice and instead decide to remain forever silent? What about the people behind the scenes, like my now former-manager who are forced to decide between acquiescing to the liberal establishment or representing their clients as they were hired to do?

Also, what about the pet rock? Whatever happened to those?


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