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Trailer Talk: 'Twilight' Sequel Looks Like Teen Soap Opera


[youtube PIf0OlJ7QeE nolink]


What’s to Like: The trailer’s opening has a strong ominous feeling to it that’s really intriguing and well-done. It’s too bad that the payoff to that intrigue is a wedding invitation for the nuptials of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and her vampire fiance Edward Culling (Robert Pattinson).

What’s to Dislike: This film looks like an episode of a teen soap opera complete with a romantic triangle, fighting and a troubled pregnancy. As usual, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) wastes no time before taking off his shirt. If he attends the wedding, let’s hope that he can keep his clothes on during it.

The Verdict: The first two films were extremely disappointing and the third one, while an improvement, still wasn’t worth watching. I know that I’m not the core audience for the “Twilight” films but this one doesn’t seem to have a lot going for it for non-fans.

Release Date: November 18,2011


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