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Another Story the MSM Won't Tell: Muslim Charged with Military Building Shootings


So a Marine reservist, whose odd behavior last week set off a scare at the Pentagon, has now been charged in shootings targeting military buildings that occurred last year.

His name is Yonathan Melaku, and he was originally picked up while lurking inside Arlington National Cemetery.

(he was probably just planting flowers)

Anyway, for peaceful reasons i’m sure- he was carrying spent shell casings, some ammonium nitrate and a notebook containing stuff about Osama bin Laden and the Taliban.

But I imagine that was just fan fiction.

[My notebooks contain reams of sketches i’ve made of Clive Owen. I’d show them to you, but they’re personal.]

Anyway, now Feds are charging him with a bunch of stuff. But I’ve read this story around the web, and so far the only spot where his religion was noted, was on some blogs – and FNC.

Because, as you know, he’s a militant Christian.

Just kidding: he’s Muslim.

And I confess, we’re a bunch of Islamophobes for bringing it up.

And yet we have another example, of willful blindness – born out of political correctness and the fear of being labeled a bigot.

This kind of terror-based incident has happened before, also involving our military.

At Ford Hood, tragically.

But the story – that radical Muslims within the military desire to harm us – seems too unsavory to mention by other networks.

Or, even our administration.

Meanwhile, The Justice Department says two men have been arrested in a plot to attack a military recruiting station in Seattle – with machine guns and grenades.

Their names: Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, and Walli Mujaheed.

Damn Mormons!

And if you disagree with me, you hate Islam, gays, and little bunnies.


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