Trailer Talk: '30 Minutes or Less' Could Have You Checking Your Watch

[youtube 8oLOLTc6Qzc nolink]


What’s to Like

This comedy reunites Academy Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg with “Zombieland” director Ruben Fleischer, which could be a winning combination. The trailer reminds us that Eisenberg can be funny when given strong material and Aziz Ansari (“Parks and Recreation”) looks like a good sidekick for him. “30 Minutes” could be another unconventional success story like “Zombieland”.

What’s to Dislike

The premise itself is extremely weak. It looks like Eisenberg’s character is forced to rob a bank after a bomb is strapped to his chest by men dressed like gorillas. If the script is funny, the movie could work, but the concept alone isn’t incentive to fork over your $12 ($14? $18?). Also, Danny McBride has appeared in a few clunkers recently so his presence in this film could foreshadow some problems with it.

The Verdict

Jesse Eisenberg has potential as a comedic actor but it’s difficult to get excited about this new comedy. However, the trailer above is far better than the crude new trailer for the film. Judging from both, I think that this film has limited potential.

Release Date: August 12,2011


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