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America, the Melting Pot: Jewish-Catholic Short Film to Cleanse the Palate


Here’s “The Tailor,” an adorable short from the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, written, directed and edited by Gordon Grinberg.

Don’t want to say too much except to note that:

1. The film is based on an old and well known Jewish joke. So old is the joke that I actually heard this back in high school when I was a student at the Brooklyn Talmudic Academy.

2. A certain segment of orthodox Jewish men wear black suits and black hats only. Think of it as a regulation uniform. Why? The most common explanation is that black signifies mourning and the Jewish people are still mourning the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 CE. Also–and this is just my personal opinion–black is, y’know, slimming.

3. Be sure to watch the film all the way through the credits. Enjoy!


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