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Bristol Palin Meets Jay Leno (and Don Rickles!)



Don Rickles is hilarious in this clip being … Don Rickles. If you haven’t seen 2007’s “Mr. Warmth,” a terrific documentary directed by John Landis that looks at the last comedian still allowed to stick his finger directly in the eye of political correctness, it’s currently streaming on Netflix. May the 85 year-old live to be a 110.

Something I noticed during her interview with Sean Hannity a few weeks back is that even though she’s only been on the national scene for a few years, we’ve really had the opportunity to watch Bristol Palin grow into a lovely and poised young woman. The wicked Left personally targeting her with their wicked Alinsky tactics (and domestic terrorism) during her season on “Dancing With the Stars” has obviously backfired in a major way. Like her mother, Bristol has only come out stronger — with a new book and a reality show that will focus on her work at a small charity.

While the desperate Left tries to label as hypocrisy” the act of learning from your mistakes, Bristol just keep on keeping on. And that she’s chosen to bring her values into a venue where it is most needed — the world of pop culture — is especially gratifying.

I don’t know what’s in that Wasilla water, but we should bottle it with the label: Leftist Kryptonite.


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