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Trailer Talk: 'The Muppets' Has Potential


[youtube ADN5ky9prqs nolink]


What’s to Like

Although this trailer isn’t as impressive as the previously-released teaser trailer for “The Muppets,” it’s still a lot of fun. With a talented cast including Jason Segel, Amy Adams and the muppets themselves, this film could be a real treat for families to enjoy.

What’s to Dislike

Nothing in the trailer looks particularly funny by itself but the electric fence scene and the clip in the car do have comedic possibilities. Unfortunately, the plot description at the Internet Movie Database notes that in this film, the muppets must fight against a wealthy oil tycoon. This comedy could arrive in theaters with a few political swipes and an agenda that could undercut some of its likable qualities.

The Verdict

With a talented cast and a strong script, this could turn out to be an enjoyable film. “The Muppets” comes out in late November and could be a wonderful holiday treat if the gags in the trailer are precursors to even funnier scenes in the film and if the film doesn’t take cheap political shots.

Release Date: November 23


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