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Ivy League Advice for President Sarah Palin


Well, I certainly learned that there aren’t many opera fans among the Big Hollywood readership.

The political intent of an opera that romanticizes Chou en Lai of Red China confirms the surrender of all American Arts to Marxism.

From Hollywood to “The Met,” from sheer entertainment to the pastimes of the privileged, the Elite of the Ivy League find themselves in the driver’s seat.

Whoever has gotten to the White House

In the last twenty years

Has either an Ivy League diploma

Or a Rhodes Scholarship.

These enlightened despots,

As Voltaire might call them,

Have dragged America into slavish indebtedness to Red China.

According to “The Progressives” in both political parties, Sarah Palin needn’t apply for The Presidency.

Why Not?

She is blatantly and unforgivably not among “The Chosen”!

Now, as a Dartmouth graduate, I could apply for the job of President if I were still drunk enough… but I quit adorning barstools seven years ago.

My ambitions, however, aren’t entirely modest. My grand desire now is to continue composing for symphony orchestras and chamber groups.

I have a new Concerto for Orchestra looking for a world premiere, if any top-notch conductors or orchestras are interested. I could toss any interested maestros a PDF of the first movement’s score. The remaining four movements depend upon the listeners seriousness.


Now I have never doubted either Sarah Palin’s seriousness nor her command of not only America’s traditional values but also her ownership of the political cunning to see those values re-instituted!

The know-it-alls underestimated a country boy named Abraham Lincoln. Doris Kearns Goodwin set the record straight with revelations about “The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.”

Sarah Palin had the mainstream press chasing after her for days and were she President of the United States they’d approach her with that memory firmly in their minds.

“Wouldn’t that be a double-edged sword, Michael?”

Yes, but Sarah’s side of the sword bestows upon her an equal advantage which she never had until the MSM learned how quick she actually is.

No, the majority of Americans are not particularly interested in opera nor the disturbing depths of Marxism erupting in all of the American performing arts.

Only Big Hollywood readers are being informed on a regular basis just how owned by Marx and Lenin the American arts, all of them, actually are.

Why would an opera about a couple of conservative embarrassments called Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, not to mention some really villainous Communists in the Mao Zedong entourage, be of any interest to film buffs?

I have no doubt that a great movie or film documentary will be made about the Communist and mainly Soviet invasion of American culture and how all-pervasive it has become throughout the nation.

Progressives own “The Cultural Edge” and consequently hold the powerfully influential seats of American Royalty.

How can any President talk to the likes of Putin and the Beijing Politburo if he or she doesn’t know the European and worldly influence of artists upon Communist Russia and The New World Order.

My advice to a prayed-for President Palin: The less you know about Progressively Elite Presumptions the better. Utter disinterest is all they deserve. They’ve used such privileges for no other purpose than to look down on all of us.

I should know. I was surrounded by their contempt during my so-called “higher education” and forty years in the American performing arts.

My own personal and enjoyable interests in the Arts were whetted by the dissident histories of some of Russia’s greatest talents: composer Igor Stravinsky and ballet greats, Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov. The Nobel prizewinning poet Ivan Bunin who emigrated in 1918 and eventually settled in Paris. Then, of course, the scientists such as Andrei Sakharov and the legendary symbol of Russian dissidence, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

In light of so many well-known Russian dissidents, this documentary film I pray for, exposing the Soviet invasion of the American arts and sciences, dwelling places into which numerous gifted Russians sought freedom? That film will be made; and by then it will receive an Academy Award nomination.


Sarah Palin will have already been a great American President for eight years!


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