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Part Seven: Bringing America Home – The Expanding Tree of Useful Idiots

The Chicago Black Sox might appear to be about as American a corruption as possible. Highly recent testimony to Chicago’s immortally blackened reputation, however, is here. God bless Ann Coulter!! Furthermore, after having channel-hopped two of the United States’ greatest

Part Six: Bringing America Home Again – An Orgy of Lemmings

It is splendid how Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom of Speech” is not only a double-edged sword but a spear-studded cannonball for world freedom as well. The Politico-inspired loud-mouthing about Herman Cain’s apparent indiscretion – or perhaps his avuncular bonhomie toward a

Remembering Bette Davis's 'Dark Victory'

This photo of Bette Davis is, I think, the most perfect ever taken of her. Why? Because it is the most boldly complete, capturing what was most beautiful about her but also what was most dangerous: the unreleased dreams boiling

Part Five: Bringing America Home Again – The Connoisseur

Norman Rockwell’s clearly privileged and very New York “Connoisseur” is staring at what I would call A Portrait of the Progressive New World Order. Few citizens anywhere would have a living room large enough to hang this very bloody-looking billboard

Mel Gibson's Death of a Dissident: 'Edge of Darkness'

The death of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko instantly comes to mind when seeing Mel Gibson’s ‘Edge of Darkness.’ Why? Premeditated, homicidal radioactive poisoning. Such an assassination by a personalized nuclear weapon has only one notable precedent, and that is the

Part IV: Bringing America Home Again: Runaway America

The little boy sitting with a cop in a diner could have been myself sitting with my police surgeon father on a morning of “custody fights” between my “mom” and my “dad.” I wasn’t a runaway yet. I would be.

Part Three: Bringing America Home Again: Law and Order

That’s my grandfather in the middle … well … my grandfather sure looked like the home base umpire in this American classic by Norman Rockwell. George Moriarty umpired five world series. After one particularly contentious game, Big George, as I

Part One: Bringing America Home Again

This series was inspired by the a six part, video examination of Dimitri Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony. Before you go to sleep, however, or bump up another article, stay with me and this article’s title. The cited video is Michael Tilson

The Divinely Sad Bunny Rabbit: Christopher Hitchens

My recent observations on Christopher Hitchens received impressively varied responses. Most, however, or most of those I’ve read so far, acknowledge the vitally important test of a human being’s honesty: the presence or absence of hypocrisy. I attribute the vitality

The Twisted Mirror Image of California: Mayor Bloomberg's 9/11 New York

The Bloomberg terms for this year’s 9/11 Memorial are not only wrong, they are spiritually, metaphysically and, even in Karl Marx’s terms, dialectically “unbalanced”. Bloomberg is courting an even worse disaster than 9/11. To bear false witness against God, of

Christopher Hitchens: An Atheist's Gift To Sarah Palin

Odd how many Americans can agree with Christopher Hitchens on many issues, i.e. his rage at Henry Kissinger. I sympathize totally with such disgust. The Hitchens contempt for the Tea Party, however, is the grandest dividing line, largely due to

A Now Legendary, American Atomic Bomb: Katt Williams

Thanks to Big Hollywood’s Alfonzo Rachel, I witnessed an entertainment miracle going off in Phoenix, Arizona. This is my third time through the Katt Williams, flame-throwing, soul-burning comic meltdown! This is so far beyond having an audience in the palm

The Obama Nation's Marxist Magicians

With the President’s address to a joint session of Congress on September 8, I expect a mildly new turn on an old Progressive tune: “America’s not going anywhere without Karl Marx & Friends!” America’s increasingly far Left academia has always

Mama Grizzly Lays Down the Anti-Establishment Gauntlet

Will Sarah Palin become our next Ronald Reagan and more? Or will she remain a female Rush Limbaugh? I don’t think Sarah Palin has any alternative but to run in the 2012 Republican primary. Her clearly stated analysis of “Crony

School Choice and the Children of Obama

I went to University of Detroit’s Jesuit High School in Northwest Detroit. Out of all my educational experiences, those formative four years were the best and the most enduring. Matched up against four years of the Ivy League at Dartmouth

The End Game of New World Order Chess

The comment section of any blog or internet site is always a re-education. Not about diversity of opinion but about the human condition itself. No matter how close two people’s opinions might seem to be, eventually there will be a

The 'Amazing Grace' of Wintley Phipps

This music lesson given by Wintley Phipps is at the heart of what he stands for in the eyes of the young lost, those children of prisoners that he nurtures and fills with the amazing grace of hope. Our President

Sarah Palin's Pre-Presidential Power

Obama’s to be “pissed-off” and Mayor Bloomberg deliberately “pisses-off” Ronald Reagan’s silent majority by excluding first reponders and clergy from the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony?! It’s beyond bizarre, it’s miraculously self-destructive on Bloomberg’s part! Not even NEW YORK will endure such

Does Morgan Freeman Really Want This President 'Pissed Off'?

Morgan Freeman wants the President to be as “pissed off” as he is. That’s an interesting comment coming from one of America’s best actors. Morgan is a craftsman’s craftsman. I believe he represents the best of classic American acting since

Todd and Sarah Palin Are My Heroes

The Toothless Rottweiler Big Hollywood has a fairly young audience so I don’t think the pluses and minuses of old age would much interest them. However, my self-appointed assignment here as Sarah Palin’s guard dog has brought me more than

The English-Speaking Cyrano: Mark Steyn

No, he doesn’t improvise in rhyming couplets but one feels he could if it might provoke a laugh at the foolish world’s expense. One doesn’t want to be at the end of his verbal rapier. He’s already skewered the Obama

Watch and Listen to Keith Jarrett … Cook!

As many of my readers may have noted, I follow the Gods and Godesses of piano religiously. Here, from my Memoir, Chapter Two, a glimpse of Rachmaninoff through the hands and soul of Olga Kern. However, and I speak of

Ivy League Advice for President Sarah Palin

Well, I certainly learned that there aren’t many opera fans among the Big Hollywood readership. The political intent of an opera that romanticizes Chou en Lai of Red China confirms the surrender of all American Arts to Marxism. From Hollywood

The Marxist Priest of Nixon in China

“The incubation period of the opera (Nixon In China) was rife with serious second-thoughts, by no less than Adams (the composer) himself, who initially resisted the proposal made by Peter Sellars (the director), a progressively radical director whose idea the

The Woodstock Reincarnation

Don Mclean’s American Pie. [youtube ZPjjZCO67WI nolink] As you listen to and watch this rather miraculous musical achievement by the entire town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, ask yourself, “Is America dead yet?” Well, this 2012 video assures History that this