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Part Two: Bringing America Home Again – The Obama Nation's Executive Power


I took a week off from my Enter Stage Right memoir, The Haunted Heaven, and this series for Big Hollywood. Why? For time to ponder how some people are losing their jobs because of their free speech.

More than one message about free speech has obviously been sent in the past few weeks.

Some people, such as presidential candidate Ron Paul, think that President Obama has become the very dictator that Woody Allen said was necessary for America.

Meanwhile the veteran likes of former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, thinks the President, rather than being a dictator, is “naïve” and his policies “incoherent.”

According to Bolton, President Obama is an American “innocent abroad.”

Which is more dangerous?

A theatrically exaggerated warning by an American entertainer, Hank Williams Jr., about the behavior of President Obama?

Or the “Politically Correct” pronouncements of a veteran Washington “insider” that patronizes President Obama by calling him “naïve”?

Which is more misleading and therefore more dangerous? The frank opinion of one American voter, Hank Williams Jr., about President Obama? Or the impressive credentials of a former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton?

Sarah Palin, for obvious political reasons, has been as frank about President Obama’s behavior in office as anyone considering a run for the Presidency can be.

Just this week, presidential candidate Ron Paul has considered Obama’s drone-strike execution of an American terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, a possibly “impeachable” offense.

“We have an obligation,” says Paul, “to protect the rule of law.”

We have a President who is “a prosecutor, a judge, a jury and an executioner.”

Paul reminds us that “Adolf Eichmann … was tried in Israel!”

Before he was executed.

Yet an American was ordered by our Presidential Godfather to be executed without a trial in an international and domestic “conflagration” which the President himself avoided identifying as a “war.”

Apparently there are no strings, Constitutional or otherwise, attached to the Obama Nation’s “Executive Powers.”

There is no “rule of law” for President Barack Obama.


As he complains, the Constitution is nothing but a list of “negative liberties.” It’s all about what the government can’t do.

I wonder why?

Our Revolutionary War with the British Monarchy taught us nothing about the abuse of power by self-appointed and self-inflated authority?

We are now learning how increasingly uncomfortable it is to have a monarch in the Oval Office who holds to the rights of Kings, Czars and Community Organizers.

The Haunted Heaven of America still lives with the ghosts of a slavery that had been legalized by the Supreme Court and its Dred Scott decision. The United States are now burdened with the cold-blooded killing of over one million gestating infants per year because of the Roe v Wade decision.

I have repeatedly reminded my readers that legalizing cold-blooded murder, to say the least, leads to disastrously dangerous side-effects.

Now that the President has chronically chosen hit men and drones to solve his problems with Islamic Pirates, Osama bin Laden and now al-Awlaki, don’t we have any serious questions about such homicidal authority?

The President and his wife, Michelle, are the American Presidency’s two most aggressive proponents of state-subsidized abortion. They are both far less apologetic than the Clintons.

Death as the Obama Nation’s increasingly best and quickest solution has become chronic in the brief two and a half years of Barack Obama’s hold upon Presidential power.

Killing seems to be the thing the President is best at and most successful with. That, of course, and creating a divided United States that has never seen such a gaping abyss between fellow Americans since the Civil War.

With that, plus his stand on abortion, Barack Obama reminds me more of President Jefferson Davis of Confederate slavery than of Abraham Lincoln and his original desire to rein in the spread of slavery.

Such increasingly disturbing displays of not being “naïve” but of swaggering with authoritarian arrogance?

Perhaps Paul, for once, is entirely correct about the impeachable abuse of power contained in the “hit” on Anwar al Awlaki.

There are inevitably more such displays of President Obama’s abuse of power on the way.

One thing is for sure: Barack Obama’s increasingly quick trigger finger is by now utterly undeniable.

Apparently to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” requires more than breaking a few eggs. To make this omelette, “ya gotta be a made man!”

In this case the Mafia is not the Cosa Nostra. It’s the Radically “Progressive” New World Order.

May God have mercy on America. This “fundamental transformation” is not a magic act.

It has become a “hit.”


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