Part IV: Bringing America Home Again: Runaway America

The little boy sitting with a cop in a diner could have been myself sitting with my police surgeon father on a morning of “custody fights” between my “mom” and my “dad.” I wasn’t a runaway yet. I would be.

George Moriarty, my father – tacitly known as a “Little George” to my grandfather, “Big George” Moriarty – was easily as “big” as that police officer in Norman Rockwell’s ‘The Runaway.’

Over a decade older than that boy in the painting, I ran away to New York City and London only to face a painfully humiliating return to Detroit where I was born.

Norman Rockwell Runaway

Oh, well … we’ve all had those moments in our lives … and, as I’ve learned, “God had other plans for me than my own” and God’s plans turned out more blissfully rewarding than the ones I’d dreamed of as a boy.

However, it seems like more than 40 percent of Americans are now running away from the defining principles of America and America’s individual freedom. They applaud Barack Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally transform the United States.”

Why do I say that?

Obama’s approval ratings are still that high for both himself and his Obama Nation. It is not happening without the help of Radical Leftists, American or otherwise, plus the Islamic organizations that support and fund the Jihadists. Please read this article from The New American.

Into the arms of the Progressive New World Order, that Utopian Lie, the foundations of which were indisputably laid by not only George Bush The Senior but his successor in the White House, Bill Clinton.

The Clinton Initiative is, to the Progressive New World Order, what all window-dressing has always been for inevitable tyranny. Clinton’s so-called “decade of difference” has helped leave America bankrupt. Even a Bloomberg publication thinks Clinton went too far as President. Now, as philanthropist, he’s calling a decade of world, economic disaster a “decade of difference.”

From recent photos of the President, I ask: Is William Clinton’s nose beginning to grow with his Clinton Initiative calling over two decades of Presidential deception a “Decade of Difference?”

A bankrupt, demoralized United States is quite a difference!

I am sure Bill and Hillary were both surprised when their very own Democrat Party made it clear that Slick Willy’s Ways and Hillary’s Heavenly Wiles were now a thing of the past. That Far-Left, blessing-in-disguise, President Barack Obama, has delivered more of the truth beneath the Clinton Smiles than I am sure Bill and Hillary Clinton would have wanted.

Without President Obama there would never have been The Tea Party. The Tea Party is definitely not running away from home. The Tea Party’s growing hopes in Herman Cain may well be the most important turning point, away from the progress of the United States toward its own self-inflicted abortion, its own suicide.

Obama calls this National Hara-kiri a “fundamental transformation of the United States.”

For 89 years, America carried on a love affair with slavery. Our Supreme Court even condoned it with the Dred Scott Decision. Now with our Highest Court’s Roe v Wade Decision, we have carried on a 38-year love affair with legalized murder.

Does God have “other plans” for America aside from those envisioned by Smiley Bill Clinton and his doppelganger, the charmingly icy Barack Obama?

The Progressive Battle Cry: “It is time for not only The Arab Spring but the American Autumn as well!”

I left America because of the Clinton Administration. I knew for certain that with the Clintons occupying both my home town and home state of New York, that things could only get worse.

Indeed, they did!

Not only did 9/11 happen to Manhattan but both President Barack Obama and his operative in New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, arrived to blame everything on the traditional America they are both helping to “transform fundamentally!”

The New York Police Department will not end a violent protest on the streets of New York and the President of the United States supports the protestors?!

Hmmm …

Obama prefers a runaway America. Is he interested in building some other stable home for Americans?


What the President is building is an undeniably Marxist New World Order. Such a dream demands the end of Capitalist America and its individual freedom and individual responsibility.

With his feet constantly upon the President’s desk, Obama’s contempt for anything traditionally American is intentionally divisive. His greatest success is in the Lincoln axiom: “A house divided cannot stand.”

If anyone can destroy … or … “transform” America in the coming year, Barack Obama can begin the process. With another four years, he could finish the job.

As the Arab Spring is intent upon ultimately destroying Israel, the American Autumn is utterly intent upon disuniting the United States.

Despite the vaunted, “nuanced” thinking among Harvard graduates, the final goal of a Marxist New World Order is simple mathematics: the Obama Nation’s goal demands the “fundamental transformation” of the Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution and the United States itself:

“Gestating infants are not created equal!

Many can and, in some cases, must be aborted!”

The Progressive New World Order, the American Autumn and the Arab Spring were everything our Founding Fathers tried to prevent with America’s founding documents. However, what can The Founding Fathers possibly do with a Runaway America?!

It is now up to Herman Cain to bring America home. Perhaps it is predestined that a child of American slavery should perform that seemingly impossible feat.

No other Republican candidates can do it. They are actually not American enough.

Herman Cain, by God, is American to the deepest sense of that word’s charismatic meaning. Obama Care belongs to not only a different continent but an entirely New World Order.

The only “New World” I’ll ever recognize happened when explorers confirmed that a new continent called America even existed. The only new worlds we should expect to build are on other planets.

Amidst God’s other stars.


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