Alec Baldwin, Political Fence Mender?

Either Alec Baldwin is preparing a run for office, or he’s been taking some anger management classes behind our backs.

The liberal “30 Rock” star is known for his outrageous political positions. It’s hard to forget him ranting about how other countries would stone Congressman Henry Hyde for daring to drag President Bill Clinton through that impeachment imbroglio.

alec baldwin

But Baldwin’s recent piece at The Huffington Post seemed to embrace some right of center principles, and now he’s talking about rallying behind one of the leading GOP presidential hopefuls, according to the New York Post:

“If [Mitt] Romney is the nominee, we have to get behind him and support that person to be president and give him constructive criticism.”

The New York Post dutifully checked in with Camp Baldwin for clarification.

Baldwin’s rep clarified that he’s not a Romney supporter but meant, “Whoever wins the election, the Congress has to get behind that person, and we need to end the obstructionist partisanship in Washington.”

It’s still shocking to hear Baldwin take such a nuanced – and conciliatory – tone regarding politics. Will it last through the 2012 presidential campaign? If it does, it might be Baldwin’s best acting performance to date.


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