Hollywood's Mean Girls: When 'Feminist' Actresses Attack Female Conservatives

Isn’t it just grand when self-proclaimed Hollywood feminists gang up on conservative female heavyweights? As entry #5,849,948 in my Profiles of Liberal Hypocrisy we have Ellen Barkin, Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep: three award-winning actresses who fancy themselves feminists with a love of strong, powerful women.

Yet, not surprisingly, these three gals conveniently chuck feminism aside in regards to three others gals (Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Margaret Thatcher, respectively) whose political views differ from their own. Somehow, I must’ve missed the asterisk providing an exception to the feminist cause: ‘Thou must support thy sisters – unless, of course, said sisters disagree with you politically.”

Barkin v. Bachmann: Barkin’s Twitter feed (which rivals that of Alec Baldwin’s in its unrestrained slamming of the right) repeatedly attacks conservative female figures. During the December 15th GOP debate, her vicious tweets revealed this actress is a feminist in name only. Blasting even Fox News’ gorgeous Megyn Kelly, a superstar network anchor and successful working mom (“This Megyn Kelley has more Botox in her f*ckin face than a 57 year old actress, Just sayin.”), Barkin saved her best sneer for Bachmann: “Don’t u just love when Bachmann says “When I am president…”? That’s like me saying… “When I am performing my next heart transplant….” Odd, one would think Ms. Barkin, political-views aside, would have more respect for a woman who: is a sitting member of Congress and presidential candidate, successfully raised 5 children and fostered a whopping 23 children. If Bachmann isn’t a poster girl for strong female women, I don’t know who is.

Moore v. Palin: Only a few days later, four-time Oscar nominee Moore, while interviewed about her upcoming hatchet job on Sarah Palin (the HBO mini-series “Game Change”), was asked if she’d developed a new-found respect for Palin after researching the former governor. The actress curtly answered, “No.” Again, how odd for a feminist to find absolutely nothing to admire in Palin. Politics aside, this is a working mother with five children who became governor of Alaska, a vice-presidential candidate and a superstar in the political world. Yet Moore found not one thing that impressed her about Palin? Though Moore does not tweet often, she did, curiously enough, find time to retweet Barkin’s sneer about Bachmann. One can almost hear the high-school-style giggling between these two so-called feminists.

Streep v. Thatcher: Perhaps most shocking of all is the lack of respect by Streep towards Margaret Thatcher. Surely, one would assume that, at the very least, every feminist would have some kind words to say about the grocer’s daughter who rose to become one of the world’s sole female leaders and the UK’s first female prime minister? Think again. In press interviews for her Thatcher biopic, “The Iron Lady,” Streep bestowed no praise on her protagonist. On the contrary, she remarked the film was about a life in “decay” and touched upon the “cruelty that was there and how she [Thatcher] came to pay a price for it,” giving no examples, of course, of said “cruelty.”


These Hollywood mean girls either need to step out of their snickering clique long enough to give credit where credit is due or turn in their feminist card.

What do you all think? Any other examples of so-called feminists attacking strong women of the right?


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