Pro-American Band Madison Rising Rocks Occupiers' Open Mic Event

What happens when a pro-American rock band tries to infiltrate an “Occupy” event and is bold enough to sign up to perform on the event’s Open Mic Sign Up website? When Richard Mgrdechian, President & CEO of Terabit Media Corporation, fellow “Dawger” at BigDawg Music Mafia, and manager for the openly conservative band Madison Rising, told me he had signed them up to perform Jan. 17 at the Occupy Congress rally, my first thought was, “there is no way the organizers are going to allow them to take the stage once they find out who they are.” I was wrong.

[youtube hobGkobU68k nolink]

As I was making my way to D.C. to meet up with the band for their scheduled free concert at the Capitol Hill Club immediately following their scheduled “Occupy” performance, I spoke with Richard on the phone and was surprised to hear Madison Rising was still listed in the lineup for an on-stage appearance.

I thought to myself, “Oh boy, this is going to get interesting; when these malcontents hear the lyrics to their songs, especially their song Honk if You Want Peace, which mocks the occupiers, they will be booed right off the stage, at a minimum.” Wrong again.

[youtube ey5Yr9kne2E nolink]

In a story you will NOT hear or read about in the mainstream media, it appears Madison Rising truly did “occupy” the Occupiers and those in attendance were completely oblivious to the fact that they were being entertained by a pro-American, pro-military, pro-capitalism (you get the picture) band. In fact, they absolutely loved the music; they were dancing to it, cheering them on, and even tweeting how “tight” this band was as they performed songs like American Dream, Honk if You Want Peace, Before the Hyphen Came, and Where Was The Media Then. Perhaps they were too stoned to pay any attention to the lyrics or could it be they are just that clueless? My guess is both!

Madison Rising made their way to the Capitol Hill Club following their “Occupy” gig completely unscathed and put on a fantastic amplified acoustic show for several local conservative groups and media representatives. Be on the lookout for some great video footage taken by Media Research Center’s Alicia Power and Joe Schoffstall in the next few days.

Please do check out their official website for links to where you can purchase their music and check out their lyrics, latest news, and booking/touring information.


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